Groups and Labels

Groups and labels are used for organizing Locations, Contacts and/or Products.. An object can belong to multiple labels but only one group.

When would I use groups?

  • A broad list of locations, contacts or products that have similar characteristics or attributes.e.g Vendors or Stores, Boxes or Paper.

When would I use labels?

  • A indexing of locations, contacts or products used for filtering. 
    • e.g. Locations: Districts vs Regions
    • e.g. Networks  Harry's Stores are X, Y and Z vs Sally's stores are A, B and C
    • e.g. Products: Pricing: Vendor Items vs Pricing Production Items

Where Used:

  • The Contact, Products, Location "picker" is used throughout Supplyit where you have the option to Add Locations, Add Contacts or Add Products.

Where do I manage Groups and/or Labels?

  • Account Console
    •  Locations
  • Location Console
    • Administration > Network for contacts
    • Administration > Catalog for products

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