Scanit User Guide


Scanit is Supplyit's a mobile app used to collect data. Scanit uses your device's camera or scanner (for devices that have a scanner) to scan UPC barcodes or QR codes to create records in Supplyit. The data packets are sent to Supplyit when the device is connected to the Internet. These packets can be added as records in Supplyit based on the type set in Scanit's settings when they were recorded.

Installing and Configuring Scanit

  • Send a request to Supplyit Support to configure Scanit for your location(s)

  • Install Scanit on your mobile device (search Jera Scanit in Apple App Store or Google Play)

  • Open Scanit and click the gear icon

  • Click Scan Credentials and scan the QR code provided by Supplyit Support. The Scanit Credentials can also be accessed by account users from the Account Console in Supplyit   Users > Edit (API User) > View (API Key)

  • In settings, select your input option (if you have a scanner or leave as camera), the type and the location that you want to add data to (if you have access to more than one location)

  • Click Done to save changes to type or location

Recording Waste or Inventory using Scanit

To record waste or inventory you can use a 1D barcode or a QR code that contains the product code or UPC. The UPC must be entered in the product UPC field in Supplyit to use the UPC barcode. Product QR codes can be created in Supplyit if needed (See section below on Creating Scanit QR Labels). You can scan the same product at different times or in different locations and Supplyit will add the quantities entered together in the waste or inventory record.

  • Click on Scanit in the top menu of the app
  • Click the Scan button to scan the barcode or QR Code for the product
  • The product name should appear on the screen with the current data and time along with a value box to enter the quantity you want to wasting or inventory
  • Click in the value box and enter the number, click save when you are done

  • Click the scan button to scan additional products (if you scanned the wrong barcode you can hit the scan icon in the top menu to scan again rather than entering a value and saving the item you are on)

Viewing Recorded Data

To view your data history, click on the clock icon in the top menu

Deleting Recorded Data

To delete data, click the red x to the left of the product name in the data history screen. This will remove the value from Scanit and Supplyit.

Creating a Waste Record in Supplyit from Scanit Data

Once all data has been scanned for a day you can turn the Scanit data packets into records in Supplyit. 

  • Log in to Supplyit and relocate to the location where you recorded your data for
  • From the activities menu click Waste > Record Waste > Add from Scanit
  • Select the date range and check the packet(s) to create the new record(s)
  • Click Aggregate duplicates
  • Click the Add Selected Items button to create the waste record
  • For inventory or survey packets follow the path below to create those records types
    • Inventories > Add Inventory > Add from Scanit
    • Surveys > Add Survey > Add from Scanit

Creating QR Code Labels in Supplyit

Scanit can use QR Codes that can be generated and printed from Supplyit. These labels contain information about the product, question or asset in the location. Follow the instructions below to create your labels that can be used by Scanit.

Location Console > Reports > Other Reports > Printed Labels

  • Type=Assets, Inventory, Waste or Survey
  • Add the products, assets or questions that you want to print. Selecting inventory or waste labels will produce the same label and can be used to collect data for either in Supplyit.

  • Select the label layout (when printing the labels on a PC uncheck the fit to page option - the margins will decrease. If you do not do this your labels will not print correctly)

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