Invoice Reports

Statement Report - ACH Pull

Location Console=>Reports=>Standard Reports=>Statements

  1. Type = Sales Orders

  2. Location = Supplier Location

  3. Date Rage = Week you want to pull ACH for

  4. Group Statements By = (None)

  5. Build Report

ACH Report by Franchisee Network

Location Console=>Exchange

  1. Export Invoices

  2. Choose Date Range

  3. Export to Excel 

  4. Sort by Group (Franchisee Name) 

Credit Review Report

Give to CML to review after invoicing is completed.  This allows them to review the notes for damaged product as well as review packing errors with their team.


Reports=>Standard Reports=>Credit Review

  1. Type = Sales Orders

  2. Location = Supplier Location

  3. Date Range = Single Day (date you are going to invoice)

  4. Production Unit = (no unit mask)

  5. Click Build Report (stores should have entered a note on the order stating the reason for the credit request, this note will appear on the credit review report)

Order Statistics - Sales by Category EQD

Reports=>Summary Reports=>Order Statistics

  1. Locations -Supplier Location

  2. Date Range - Previous Week

  3. Day of Week - All Days

  4. Unit - Equivalent Dozen*

  5. Layout Document

  6. All Contacts

  7. All  Products

  8. Columns and Groups

Column Specification

Group Specification

Toggle Drop Down to (None)

Uncheck Everything except:

Hold <CTRL>

Sum Units Ordered

Sum Units Invoiced

Sum Value Ordered

Sum Value Invoiced


  1. Format Excel

  2. Build Report

  3. Add a column Credits

  4. In the cell after Sum Value Invoiced of the first location enter the formula = Sum Value Invoiced - Sum Value Ordered and enter.

  5. Copy formula down for each of the locations

  6. Sum the column.  This value should equal the total Sum Value Invoiced - Sum Value Ordered found at the bottom of the sheet.

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