Administering Workflows


Workflows are a series of activities that are necessary to complete a task.  Each step in a workflow has a specific step before it and a specific step after it.  When enabled Workflows replace Activities in the Left Navigation Pane.  The user has the ability to toggle between Activities and Workflows.


Filters Activity data and delivers relevant information to the user.


  • Workflows need to be enabled via the Preferences tab under Administration.


Location Console > Administration > Preferences > Workflows

  • Add or Edit

Workflow Details:

  • Name - Reference name of the tasks that will be outlined in the workflow.  Workflows will order alpha unless a numerical value is used prior to the name.
  • Save Changes

Workflow Items:

  • Name - Title that will appear when the workflow is enabled in the navigation pane.
  • Description - Steps to be taken for this workflow item.
    • Workflows use the text formatting engine Markdown.  Click this link for a guide in using Markdown.
  • Index - used to order the Workflow Items.
  • URL - when supplied will redirect the user to the referenced page.
    • Relocate to the page you wish to enter the URL for.
    • Copy from the / after over for screens in Supplyit.
    • Paste this information into the URL field.

Remember to Save Changes after adding each workflow item and before searching for the URL.


  • Type 
    • Between Locations - originating location must have the data needed for the copy
    • Within Location
  • Level
    • Soft - copies data into selected location with the ability to select what will be copied.
    • Hard - copies data into selected locations and will overwrite existing data.
  • Sync
    • Keep targets in sync - if changes are made in the originating (template) location, these changes will update data in all locations that have been synced to that location.

Best Practices

  • Appoint an Administrator for your network to manage workflows across all of your locations.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hovering over the information icon  in the Workflow will display the description information that has been entered.
  • Clicking on the information icon  will allow description information to remain displayed after accessing the URL in the workflow.
  • Workflows are also displayed on the Home page under the Workflows tab.

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