Navigating Supplyit

This article will give you the basics on how to navigate your way around Supplyit. 

Tip: Other videos and support articles go more in-depth on how to use the different features mentioned here. Access them in Supplyit's support portal.

Understanding the home screen

  • The home screen is the first screen you see every time you login to Supplyit
  • Use the home screen to view any important messages from your supplier(s) or Supplyit’s support team
  • You can get back to the home screen at anytime by clicking the Home link in the black bar in the top right-hand corner or the Supplyit logo in the maroon bar on the upper left-hand side.

Using the left-hand activities navigation

  • To view, edit, add or delete orders, click on the Orders link. 
  • To view invoices and invoice totals, click on the Invoices link

Relocating to another location

  • Click the Relocate link in the top right-hand corner
  • Click the location you would like to access
  • You will see the name of the location you are accessing in the maroon bar in the top right-hand corner underneath the account name

Accessing support materials

  • Click on the Support link in the black bar in the top right-hand corner to access Supplyit’s knowledge base and any support tickets you have
  • Click the Supplyit logo to be brought back to the home screen in Supplyit
  • Click the maroon chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of Supplyit to chat with our support specialists (Monday - Friday, 8 am to 6 pm E.T.)

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