Understanding orders

This article will teach you the basics of Supplyit's ordering, including how to filter orders and understand order types and statuses.

Filtering orders

To filter your order list, click the drop down menus for Contacts, Date, Shift or Status and select the criteria you would like to see.

  • Contacts: the list of the suppliers you order from in Supplyit. Generally you will only have one, but if you are ordering from more than one supplier in Supplyit, then you select a specific supplier (e.g. Warehouse, Commissary, Bakery).
  • Date: the date range you are seeing orders from. By default, you can see all orders for 7 days back and all future open orders that have been generated.
  • Shift: the production shift that your supplier is producing on. If you receive 2 or more orders a day, then you are likely receiving them on different production shifts (e.g. AM Production and PM Production). 
  • Status: the status of the order. There are 4 order statuses in Supplyit: open (green), processed (yellow), closed (red) and invoiced (red with dollar sign)

Understanding order status

  • Open: you can make any changes to the order that you want, including ordering more, ordering less, removing products from your order or adding products to your order
  • Processed: suppliers process orders when they are ready to begin production and can no longer accept order changes. You cannot edit the order, but you are able to request refunds for damaged products or incorrectly delivered orders.
  • Closed: you cannot make any changes or edits to closed orders. You can only view order details and information in closed orders. 
  • Invoiced: the same as a closed order, but your supplier has invoiced for that order.

Note: If you do not see any processed (yellow) folders, it is likely because your supplier does not allow you to request refunds online through Supplyit.

Understanding order type

  • Template (Standing): folders with no symbol. Template orders are the orders created from your template set in Supplyit.
  • Special: folders with a star. Special orders are an additional, separate order you can place that is different from your template. They are often used for large, individual end customer orders.

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