Creating an order

This article will show you the two different ways you can create a new order.

Creating an order

  1. Click on the Orders link in the left hand activities navigation.
  2. Click on the Add Orders tab.

Creating a special order

  1. Make sure Add Special Order is selected at the top.
  2. Select your Contact, Date and Shift.
  3. Add any notes about the order, including things like the customer’s name, contact information, event details, and order details.
  4. Click Add Products.
  5. In the pop up, check the boxes next to the items you would like to add to the special order.
  6. Click the Select Products button.
  7. Click the Add Special Order button at the bottom of the page. This will create the order and bring you to the order details.
  8. Enter the amount of each item you would like to order in the Starting Order column.
  9. Click the Save Changes button.

Generating a template order

  1. Select Generate Template Orders at the top.
  2. Select your Contact, Date and Shift.
  3. Click the Generate Orders button.

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