Working with Rules


Rules are used to manage products, minimums, maximums, rounding, availability dates and days.  Products can be restricted to a group of contacts with a rule.  


Allows flexibility in meeting the varying needs of your customers.  Can be used to manage both Sales and Work orders.


Location Console > Administration > Catalog > Rules

Adding a Rule:

Product Rule Details

Edit Existing Default Rule or Add:

  • The system will assign a name for the rule that you are creating.  It is recommended that the rule is renamed.
  • Examples:
    • A rule that will apply to the majority of your contacts could be named "Default Sales Rule."
    • A rule that restricts a selected group of contacts could be named "ABC Group."
    • A rule that that applies to certain types of products could be named "Bakery."
    • A rule that restricts the days of the week an item can be orders could be named "Mon/Wed/Fri."
  • Type
    • Sales Orders - orders that are supplied by this location to the contacts listed under the Network tab
    • Work Orders - orders that are generated for this location only
  • Contact Scope - a selection is required for Sales Orders.
    • By Selection - Add Contacts 
      • allows the use of Groups and/or Labels as assigned in this location under the Network tab.
  • Include all contacts in this scope - will apply to all contacts that this locations supplies.
  • By Label - Contacts that this location has assigned under the Network tab.

Adding Products

  • Catalog - select the catalog that contains the products needed.
  • Category - select  the category for the item(s) needed.  It is recommended that you focus on one category at a time.
  • Groups - if you have customized your categories with your own groups, use this option to select your items
  • Filter - removing the check-mark from Active Products will display all products
  • Select All or check the products needed
  • Select Products

Note: When using the link in the product overview to set rules for a new product and the Rules page is blank, click on the Rules tab at the top to display your existing Rules.

Setting Rule Details

  • Availability Dates & Days
    • Start and End date (if applicable) for the product
    • Days product is available to be ordered
      • by default All Days is preselected
      • unselect All Days to set individual days 
      • Unselect All Days to blackout a product
  • Minimum Quantity - this is the least number of pieces that can be ordered. It is unnecessary to enter 0 or 1.
  • Maximum Quantity - this is the maximum number of pieces that can be ordered.
    • Minimums and maximums are applied after rounding rules
  • Round Quantity - the number of pieces you wish an item to round up, 
  • Rounding Direction - up,down or closest.    
    • When rounding "Down" or "Closest", it is recommended that you set a minimum as it is possible that an order will round down to zero.
    • If forecasting is being utilized, it is recommended that you round closest.
  • Clone can be used to copy  information from a product that is chosen as the source to one or more other products.

Remember to Save Changes


  1. Use a rule to blackout products only available to select contacts.
  2. Use clone to copy attributes of one product to many.
  3. When activating products that were marked as inactive, remember to update your Rules for those products.


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