Using Quick Split

Quick Split allows a user to devide a production by a percentage.  Typically used to manage a single day production that has been increased for an Event.  Quick Split can be saved under the Preferences tab and applied to every production or entered as a one-time use when generating reports..  


  1. Sign in to Supplyit
  2. Reports > Daily Reports
  3. Select one of the report types from above
  4. Daily Reports with the option to apply Quick Split:
    • Stations
    • Assembly
    • Mixing
    • Packing: Grid, Document and Tile
    • Worksheet
  5. Enter the percentage values to split the orders by (e.g. 60,40)
  6. If you choose not to split special orders, special order will be included into the "first" split only.

  • Report View: The percentage split will be indicated on your reports when printed.


Packing Report Document will be used in conjunction with or in lieu of the Order report for deliveries

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