Setting Enhanced Reporting Options

Customers who have been configured to use the new reporting platform have enhanced reporting options available. Once you set these options for a report, they will automatically be selected each time you run that report on the same computer.

Before getting started

  • Whether using the Workflows menu or the Activities menu, go to the report that you would like to run.

Setting the options

  1. Scroll down to the Format box, where you choose whether you want the report to render in PDF, Excel, or HTML
  2. At the bottom of the Format box, click the arrow to expand it
  3. Set the Page options for the report using the drop-down menus
    • Orientation: to select portrait or landscape
    • Columns: to choose how many columns will be displayed per page
  4. Click under Eco mode to remove the shading from reports and save ink
  5. Set the Text options for the report using the drop-down menus
    • Font size: to choose from x-small, small, normal, or large font
    • X-axis text orientation: to select whether you want the column header text to display horizontally or vertically


Click Reset All above the Eco mode option to clear the settings that you have saved for a particular report.

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