Supplyit Enterprise Support

Supplyit’s enterprise support includes a minimum platform configuration service fee as well as location software subscription costs. Platform configuration services ensure that your food service operations are built to operate as expected. Each unique configuration requires a store template to manage locations that have similar settings. The store template is where products and objects are configured for use in your stores. Once an account’s location subscription costs surpass the minimum platform configuration services fee, additional locations will be billed at the current subscription rate.

Configuration Services Overview

Global Configuration

Store templates are used to globally manage configurations for a group of stores that have the same settings. Accounts that require different store configurations will require additional templates to manage those stores. Most accounts require one or two store templates, but accounts that have stores with many different configurations will require additional templates. Store templates are used to copy and synchronize settings and objects across many locations.

Retail Product Management

Retail product management includes adding or editing up to 5 retail products or related production products per month. A retail product is a product sold by a store or central production facility. A related production product may be required for forecasting purposes. Changes to an existing product's configuration counts toward the allowance. Configuring a retail product includes the following services: 

  • Retail product recipes

  • New ingredients needed by those recipes

  • New prep products related to new ingredients

  • New vendor items associated with the ingredients

  • Product nutrition provided for retail product

  • Setting retail sales price

  • Configuring additional items needed for forecasting

  • Adding retail products to timetables and order templates

  • Adding ingredients to stations, units, labels and groups

Product Nutrition Calculations

Product nutrition can be calculated in Supplyit using vendor nutrition facts and recipes. Product nutrition calculations include configuring or editing 5 vendor nutrition facts per month. Nutrition configuration includes the following services:

  • Adding vendor nutrition facts to vendor products

  • Calculating nutrition in Supplyit for the related retail products

  • Updating vendor facts for existing items

  • Recalculating nutrition for the related retail products


Configuration Services


Monthly Rate

Global Configuration* (per store template)


Retail Product Management (includes 5 per month)


Product Nutrition Calculations (includes 5 per month)


* Accounts are allowed a maximum of 10 store templates

Monthly Subscription


Monthly Rate

(per location)

Supplyit Subscription


FTP Hosting


Printer Licensing*


* Per printer per month billed annually (if NiceLabel license required). Pricing subject to Loftware NiceLabel cloud licensing fees

Overages & Additional Fees


Per Occurrence

Retail Product Additions/Updates


Nutrition Calculation Additions/Updates


New Location Setup


New Product Label Design


Prep Product Additions/Updates


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