Assigning Product Properties Using the Compare Product Report


The Product Overview page allows you to quickly assign or view where a product is associated to what attributes.  Units, Rules, Stations, Recipes and Labels are displayed for a selected product.  A Pricing link is at the bottom of the page and will redirect you to the manage pricing.  Using the Compare Products report at the bottom of this page will allow you to select like products to correctly assign the required properties .  After adding item(s)from the catalog and Saving Changes, you will be redirected to the Product Overview page of the first item added.  

Requirements - Be cognoscente when typing Group information into the required field   Any deviation from how the name is formatted on the Comparison Report will result in the product being separated from your other products.  Entries are case sensitive and attention to punctuation as well as spelling are required.

Navigation:  Location>Administration>Catalog>Products

Compare Products 

  1. Click Compare Products at the bottom of the product overview page.

  2. Select Category to match the category of the item you are adding.

  3. Choose products that will have the same properties as the item that you are adding.

    • It may be necessary to choose a multiple products to complete the new products properties.

  4. Add Items

  5. Print report or open in new tab to reference.

  6. Use the displayed properties in the popup window to assign your new product.

    1. The names of the attributes are on the left of the report with the required entries to the right.

Units, Rules, Stations, Recipes,Labels and Pricing are listed on the product overview page with an +Add button.  

  1. After clicking  the +Add an edit window will be displayed with available options.

  2. Select the properties that match the information from the product overview target item.

  3. Save Changes  

  4. Some sections will require you to +Add multiple attributes to complete.

Pricing will redirect you to the Product Pricing tab.

  • Make sure you note the items each price prior to editing.

Composition - provides details set in the product composition and is not editable on this page.

  • Bill of Materials

    • List of items and ratios of products used to produce this item

  • Where Used

    • If this item was being used to produce another item the details would appear here

Best Practices

  • Always assign units first to avoid having to go back and edit Properties again.

  • It is recommended that you run the Comparison report again once you have completed the above to check for errors.

  • The Product Comparison report can also be generated via Reports>Other Reports>Product Comparison.

  • If you are adding a large number of item it is easier to assign the properties directly.    
    • Administration>Catalog for
      • Units, Rules, Groups and Labels
    • Administration>Production for    
      • Stations and Recipes
      • Recipes (Advanced) is for our accounts utilizing Advanced Production.

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