Managing Inactive Products


Products that are offered by a Supplier to their network of customers should be inactivated when they are out of season or no longer available.  Doing this hides the products that are not currently being offered from the customers view.  This should be done in addition to the product rules which are used to prevent stores from ordering active products within a given period.  Inactivating a product hides it from view in the product list.  


Location Console > Administration > Catalog

  • Edit Product
  • Click Inactive or Active as needed under Product Properties
Save changes

Note: You can apply staus and limits to you open orders by going to your order list and selecting "Edit checked orders."

Tips and Tricks:

Inactivating a product does not pull the product from orders that have already been generated.  

Uncheck "Active products" in the Filter box and "Apply" to view inactive products in catalogs.

When making a product active remember to update dates in Rules and Templates

To view inactive products in an order template, click "More > Filter > uncheck Active Items Only"

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