Approving Credit Request


Supplyit offers simple means for requesting and issuing credits. Credits can be requested by customers within processed orders. Customers can request credits by placing a negative quantity in the customer correction column on an order for the product they are requesting a credit for. Orders contain a note field where the reason for the requested credit can be communicated to the supplier.  Suppliers review credit requests and can accept or deny the request. 


Allowing customers to request credits online saves time and provides an electronic record that is linked to the invoicing process and can be reported on to identify quality, packing or delivery problems in the supply chain process. Customers can easily see if a credit request was accepted or denied. Reports allow suppliers to identify operational issues.

Reviewing Credits

There are two ways to review credit requests. Suppliers can choose between the credit review report or review credits from the order list.


Location Console =>Orders

Reviewing Credits from the Order List

From the order list filter as follows:

Order Type: Sales

Date: for accounts with a large amount of orders per day select a single day to review.

Status: Processed

Orders with: From the order filter, click the down arrow located below the search box, this with expand the search criteria with more options. From the Orders with … drop down select Customer Corrections.

Apply Filter to view processed orders that contain credit requests (which are customer corrections)

Click into each order to review the credits.

Accepting a Credit Request

From inside the order details page:

You do not need to make changes to the order if you are accepting the credit request, simply change the order status to closed indicating that you have completed the review (located in the order header).

Return to the order list to continue reviewing the remaining processed orders

Rejecting a Credit Request

To deny a credit request, click Edit Corrections and in the Supplier Correction field enter the opposite value of the Customer Correction field.  For example if the request is for -2 deny request by entering 2 in the Supplier Correction column. If the request is for +3 enter -3 so that the customer will not be charged for overages.

Be sure to click "Save Changes" after making any modifications. The 'Close this order after saving changes" is checked by default.  Change the Status to Closed if you have unchecked this box. 


Location Console=>Reports=>Standard Reports=>Credit Review

Reviewing Credits from the Credit Review Report

Order Type: Sales Orders

Date Range: Select the day or date range to review

Build Report

The Credit Review report contains a link to the order that contain credit requests. It is a quick way to view that notes associated to the order. To review the actual order that contains the credit request, right click on the link and select open in new window. Follow the instructions above to accept or reject the credit. Close the order details window when done to return to the credit review report.

Best Practices

  • Request that customers use the order notes field to indicate why they are requesting the credit.
  • Allow customers to enter a positive credit so that their usage numbers are correct, but override with a negative supplier correction so they do not actually get charged.
  • For larger groups it is recommended that you review throughout the week instead of a single day prior to invoicing.

Tips & Tricks

  • In the credit review report, hover over the highlighted link and right click.  Select to open in a new window. The order with the credit request will display in new window for you to review/edit. After Saving Changes close this window to continue with the remainder of the request.
  • Suppliers should determine a cutoff time for their customers to enter credits.

  • Remember to remove the Orders With... filter to return to the entire order list. This filter is hidden so it is easy to forget it is on.

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