Templates: Forcing Product


This feature allows suppliers to add one product to many order templates at one time.


Administration > Catalog > Edit Product > Order Templates tab

Pushing a product into selected contact's order templates

  1. Click Add

  2. Select the contacts whose order template you want to add the product to
  3. The product is placed in each contact's selected order templates with a value of zero

Editing order template quantities

  1. Click the Edit All button above the contact list
  2. Enter the quantities that you want for each contact for each day of the week
  3. Save Changes when done

Using the clone feature

The clone link allows a user to quickly autofill a group of fields based on the values in a source record. In the example below the clone feature will be used to copy the values for Store #01 to all other locations.

  1. Select all the locations that you want to clone including the location that will be the clone source, use the select all to select all locations

  1. Click the Clone link
  2. Select the source that you want to clone from
  3. Check the fields to clone
  4. Click the Clone Using Selected Source button

The fields for each location will be updated with the values that were in the source location for the fields that were selected. Save changes when done to keep the changes.

To update date ranges or product forecasting options click the columns link

 Select the columns that you want displayed on the template for the product.

Date Range Columns

Order template date ranges determine when a product will be included on an order. These dates work with supplier rules but do not override supplier rules for availability. If you are activating a seasonal product that was already in a template it is important to make sure that there is not an end date on the product which would prevent it from being added to an order.

Forecasting Columns

Forecasting columns control how a product is set when forecasting is enabled

Note:  Supplier Rules dictate when a product will be available from the supplier.  Template dates dictate when the product is set to be generated in orders.  Template dates must be current to be included in an order.

Best Practices:

  • Communication should be sent to contacts advising them the products are in the templates and the quantities should be updated.
  • End dates should be checked when activating a product that is already on an order template

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