Data Exchange - Invoice Export


Supplyit allows users to export invoices as ASCII delimited text files or to Excel. The export column specification displays once the export link has been selected. Invoice data can be exported with details or without. There is also an Invoice Export report located under other reports.


Exported data can be used with external programs. This allows users to reduce steps in processes. Column specification can be changed to map to external application data fields. 

Exporting Data


Location Console=>Exchange=>Export Invoices


  • Type = Sales
  • Date Range = Date of invoice(s)
  • Include Details - This option will provide an export with line item details for each order. 
  • Select the file format and built the report to export

Alternative Option for Exporting Invoices

Location Console=>Reports=>Other Reports=>Invoice Export=>Build Report

  • Date Range = Date of invoice(s)
  • Supplier = (All)
  • Group = (All)
  • Recipient = (All)
  • Format = Excel

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