Adjusting Your Entire Order for Weather or a Special Event

This article will teach you how to quickly increase or decrease an order by a percentage. This is useful if there is an event that will impact your sales for the entire day, such as bad weather, school vacation, or a parade.

Before getting started

  • If you use the Workflows navigation menu, click Activities above the menu on the left side of the screen.

Entering a percentage adjustment

  1. In the menu on the left, click Orders and select the Adjustments tab toward the top of the screen
  2. About halfway down on the right, click + Add
  3. Select the Type of order you will be adjusting
    • Purchase: for orders you buy from a supplier
    • Work: for an order that you make in-store
  4. Choose the Contact from the drop-down 
    • If you have more than one supplier, you can leave the Contact set to (All).
  5. Enter the Dates for the orders that need to be adjusted
    • If you are only adjusting orders for one day, the start date and end date will be the same.
  6. Choose the Shift of the order to be adjusted
    • You can leave Shifts set to (All) if you are adjusting for the entire day.
  7. Enter the Percent that you want to increase or decrease the order(s) by
    • To increase your order(s) by 50 percent, enter 50.
    • To decrease your order(s) by 35 percent, enter -35.
  8. Status must have Lock this order adjustment... checked if the Contacts are set to (All)
  9. Click the Save Changes button

Viewing the order adjustment

  1. Click the Adjustments tab toward the top of the screen
  2. Select the Type of order you added the adjustment for
  3. Look in the table to see the adjustment listed


  • If the order(s) that you entered the adjustment for have already generated, you will need to apply the adjustment to the order(s).
    1. In the menu on the left, click Orders, which will bring you to the View Orders tab
    2. Make sure the correct order type is selected
    3. Check the box to the left of the order(s) you need to adjust
    4. Click the Edit Selected button
    5. Check Rebuild Adjustments
    6. Click the Save Changes button
  • You can click on the order that you adjusted and see the changes in the Customer Adjustment column. If your supplier has rules for order quantities, those rules will still apply and quantities could be added back in the Supplier Adjustment column.

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