Adjusting your entire order for weather or a special event

This article will teach you how to quickly adjust your orders by a certain percentage. This is particularly helpful if there is an event that will impact your sales for the entire day. For example, bad weather, school vacation, or a parade.

Adding a percentage adjustment

  1. Click the Add Adj (Weather/Special Event) link in the left- hand workflow navigation
  2. Click Add
  3. Fill in the new adjustment's details:
    • Type - select purchase for orders you buy from a supplier or select work for in-store production plans. You will generally select purchase because purchase is the type that gets delivered to you.
    • Contacts - for purchase orders select the supplier you want to adjust the order for. You can leave (All Suppliers) selected, but if you do this you must also check the Lock Status box. For work orders, there will not be a contact box because your store is the one making the order.
    • Dates - select the date range that you want to adjust your orders for
    • Shift - select the delivery shift or production shift you want to adjust. You will likely leave (All) selected.
    • Percent - enter any amount greater than -100 to increase or decrease your order by. For example, 30 would increase your order amounts by 30%, -50 would decrease your order amounts by 50%, and 200 would increase your order amounts by 200%.
  4. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page

Note: If you are entering an adjustment for a single day, the start date and end date will be the same.

Viewing your adjustment

  1. Click the Adjustments tab
  2. Select the type of adjustment you just added (most likely Purchase)
  3. Look in the table and you should see the adjustment you just made

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