Clearing an Order Adjustment

Here are the steps that will need to be performed to clear an incorrectly applied adjustment.

Using left navigation pane:

  • Click Orders or the workflow for reviewing orders

  1. View Orders (tab 1)
  2. Edit the order
  3. Click Edit Adjustment
  4. Delete the values in this column
  5. Repeat for all open orders with an applied adjustment (green folders)

  1. Adjustments tab (tab 2)
  2. Edit the adjustment or delete the adjustment
  3. Add new adjustment (if required)

Apply the adjustment
  1. View Orders (tab 1)
  2. Select green folders
  3. Edit Selected
  4. Rebuild Adjustments
  5. Save Changes

Note: orders with the incorrect adjustment applied can be deleted and replaced using Add Orders (tab 3) to generate replacement orders. The corrected adjustment will be applied to these orders.

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